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1968-1982 Corvette LED projector headlights

This retrofit conversion uses your stock pot-metal lids, whether raw or finish painted. RMT invested in machine fixtures to safely hold your lids for the extensive removal of metal, making way for new bracketry to mount the Morimoto Sealed3 hi-lo LED projectors that have modern crisp break line for oncoming drivers.  Each lamp is 3-point adjustable. New SLS-printed nylon trim bezels are provided and can be primed and painted by your body shop. New linkages are provided that allow your existing hide-away actuators the ability to lift the lids 50% of the OEM height. See the online store in the navigation bar for pricing and availability. RMT builds these in very limited amounts and always has back orders. Contact me with any questions.

1963-1967 Corvette LED projector headlights

This kit is a direct replacement of the stock headlight buckets and actuators. The upper lid is stationary and can be made to appear like the originals lights or be fiberglassed in. The lower lids are actuated by linear servos, revealing the quad hi-lo LED projectors in a sealed enclosure with clear lenses. The lights are easily aimed and have modern crisp break line for oncoming drivers. This kit is in it's 5th generation of design and has a high level of complexity and features. See the online store in the navigation bar for pricing and availability. RMT builds these in very limited amounts and always has back orders. Contact me with any questions.

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muscle car and corvette nationals nov 2021


CORVETTEs at Carlisle aug 2021



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exciting builds at 2019 sema and barrett jackson scottsdale 2020!

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My love of both design and cars began at a young age. Model cars, slot cars and toys always got a dose of customization when I was a kid. Although I very much appreciate fully restored vehicles, it has always been my love for design that drew me to modifying them. When I was 17, I sold my ʽ70 RS Camaro and purchased a basket-case ʽ71 Corvette coupe. I designed and created a unique clam-shell tilt front end, with lights in the grill area. I began my career as a Tool & Die maker and quickly moved into design. Thus, began a wonderful balance between my profession and my hobby. Both fed on each other's skills in amazing ways. In 2004, I began a contract Die Design business with a partner. Velocity Design Service has and will continue to be a blessing to me and my family.


My next custom was my ʽ80 vette, which took over 6 years and over 6,000 hours to complete. During the '80 build, we pulled a wrecked and rotting ʽ63 convertible from a farmer’s field in ʽ91. It turned out that I had over 20 years to plan her modifications while working on other car projects. In 2013, it was a joy to get this restomod project finally moving ahead. As soon as I had the car together enough, I began conceptualizing and prototyping with the C2 headlights that I had dreamed about. I spent the better part of nine months working primarily on the design and fabrication. Early on in that process, I knew this would be something that I'd like to sell and see in other C2 vettes. Having worked in high-production manufacturing, it was my entry into producing my very own product.

As the headlights have sold, I've become friends with builders in this niche market. Naturally, other opportunities arose to market low-volume items. I don't intend on becoming a big manufacturer of custom car parts. I have no plans to own CNC machines or 3D printing equipment, nor do I wish to become a build shop of custom cars and restomods. After all, my heart belongs to design. Staying true to that, I discovered the evolution of high-tech hot rodding techniques and how well that plays into my skill set. I love the nature of the contract design profession. God only knows where this business will end up, but my wife and I are excited and encouraged as we take leaps of faith. We are thankful that we live in a land that allows us to pursue our dreams and passions.