1963-1967 Corvette LED headlight Gen V waiting list

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The Dec 21- Jan 22 production run of 12 units are sold out. Planning a production run of at least 6 units Q3 of 2022 at $4,250.00. Waiting list $2,000 go towards the total cost.

Complete bolt-in headlight assembly, replacing the original headlights. This set includes the following: Powder coated steel chassis, Installation base plate, hide-away lid structure, LED projector lamp assembly with contoured shroud, rear access panel with LED drivers, bezel and lens enclosure, reusable gaskets, 12 volt servo actuators and high-quality fiberglass upper and lower lids. The fiberglass headlight upper and lower lids need to be fit by an auto-body technician. Bonding epoxy and body filler is not included. The durable nylon contoured shrouds around the projector lamps come matte black but can be primed and painted by your body shop.

The upper lids mount stationary into the stock headlight openings. The method of attaching is up to the installer. The lower lids are the hide-away doors for the units, the ‘new’ body seam is hardly noticeable when closed. 12 volt linear motors drive hide-away lower lids and are spring-assisted closed to solid stops. The UV and scratch resistant lens and reusable gaskets create a humidity-controlled environment for the lamp assemblies. The quad projectors are high-end Morimito's outstanding M-LED2.0 bi-xenon projector lamps (bi-xeon means that each lamp can switch from low to high beam mode). Each pair of lamps are installed on a mount that has 4-point beam aiming adjustment. A detailed manual is provided to ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

The DOT cracked down on headlight retrofit products around 2019-20. In layman’s terms, the manufacturer (Morimoto in this case) cannot earn DOT compliance, because they have no control of the installation which these types of lamps must reside in. Whereas the Morimoto Sealed3 lamps are stand-alone and have DOT certification. It is cost prohibitive for low volume businesses like Resto Mod Tech to gain DOT compliance for a headlight assembly. This forces RMT to label this kit as off-street use only or DOT / FMVSS108 non-compliant. It is RMT’s opinion that it would be highly unlikely that state law enforcement would interrogate the use of such light kits if the headlight performance met the minimum and maximum lamination ranges, which the kit does when installed properly.

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