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1963-1967 Corvette Wiper Grills

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These 63-67 vette wiper grill kits vastly improve upon the fit and look of the originals. Included are CNC-cut 6061 aluminum caps, which get formed extensively, along with the 3D printed polycarbonate bases. I've learned that there are too many variations in body fit to offer pre-assembled grills considering that these are intended for top-end builds, not just a stock replacement fit. Instructions for bonding the printed riser bases to the aluminum caps is easy to follow. These grills have the curves that flow with the body lines, without changing the classic look and feel. Standard sets include the wiper post hole, but not the washer port holes. The 'wiper delete' option omits the oblong opening, leaving all uninterrupted ribs. Perforated inserts not included. Domestic sale only.

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