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1963 Corvette Peter Brock Edition Hood Grills

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RMT was commissioned by Mike Staveski with Restomod Vette in early 2023 to create special Peter Brock edition billet hood grills. Peter is best known for penning the original concept of what became the iconic 1963 Stingray Corvette. I had the pleasure of working with Peter and Gayle Brock, along with Mike, to bring Peter's vision to reality. The beautiful brown prototype was unveiled at SEMA 23', featuring these grills along with our unique RMT headlight kit. These special edition billet grills accentuate the longitudinal veins, de-emphasizing the lateral veins, while still hinting to the OEM production look. They would look phenomenal fully polished or otherwise finished on your Restomod Split Window Coupe!

This pair of special 1963 hood grills are CNC milled from .250" 6061 aluminum and include six threaded studs to mount to your hood. The studs are customer-installed and instructions are included. The grills are pre-shaped to the hood's curvature. Machined finish. Domestic sale only.

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