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1968-1982 Corvette mini projector LED headlight retrofit

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Retrofit Service

Domestic sale only. Added cost for lids that are already painted.

The process of converting from stock headlights to RMT C3 headlights:

Step1- If you have lids already, I'll send instructions on what I need shipped and how best to protect them if they are finish painted.

Step 2- I machine away portions of the pot metal lids, using a fixture that keeps the lids safe.

Step 3- I bond in the brackets for mounting the LED projectors, then mount them securely.

Step 4- The trim pieces surrounding the lamps are quality SLS-printed nylon parts. They will need to be epoxy primed, sanded and finish painted by your body shop.

Step 5- I include a new linkage piece, which changes the lift height of the lids. That means that you can use whatever lift actuator system, whether it's the OEM vacuum or modern electric conversion kits.

Step 6- I ship everything back to you. Instruction manual included.

The LED projectors require simple relay packs to ensure a constant amperage to the lamps. Packs are not provided, since many builds already have performed this already. They are low-cost and can be found at your local auto parts shop.

**Rare early 1968 have smaller lids and may not work.**

U.S. Patent Number D997405

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